Bonaire time zone

There’s Always Something Happening In The Bonaire Time Zone

What time is it on Bonaire? The best answer is that it is time for fun.

But if you really want to know the actual time, this unspoiled island paradise in the southern Caribbean lies in the Atlantic Time Zone, which is GMT-4. Bonaire doesn’t observe Daylight Savings Time either, making it easy to calculate the Bonaire time zone time from wherever you are, any time of the year.

When you’re ready to leave your watch behind and simply relax, it’s easy to get here, too. Whether you’re coming from Europe, Latin America, North America or the Caribbean, a robust flight schedule means you can get here quickly. You can visit by air or by cruise ship, with many fun activities to do whether you’re here for just a day or a longer visit.

It’s also great to visit any time of the year. Well below the hurricane belt, with a steady year-round temperature thanks to an enviable location close to the equator, there is little threat of tropical storms. What you can expect is abundant sunshine, warm clear water and a friendly welcome.

And once you’re here, you never need to ask what time it is, because it is always island time in the Bonaire time zone. Just another part of the magic of this beautiful Dutch Caribbean paradise.