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Find the best restaurants on Bonaire

Lovers of good food will instantly feel at home on Bonaire. Reflecting the island’s cultural diversity, culinary specialties from all over the world can be enjoyed in a seemingly endless range of fine restaurants.

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Discover A Secret Dutch Caribbean Island Paradise

Tucked away in the Caribbean Sea less than 100 miles from the South American coast, lies one of the tropics’ best-kept secrets. Discover Bonaire, a Dutch Caribbean island that delivers unspoiled nature, breathtaking scenery and an enviable climate with year-round temperatures averaging 27C/81F.

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However You Spell It, Bonaire (or Bon Aire) Is Paradise

Divers Paradise. A Well-Kept Secret. The “B” of the ABC Islands. Bon Aire. The beautiful Dutch Caribbean island of Bonaire is known by many names. Whatever you call it, one thing is certain – this natural paradise is a gem among Caribbean islands. But first things first. The right way to spell the name of […]

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Where is Bonaire located? Let us reveal the island secrets.

There is one question asked more than any other about this tiny Dutch Caribbean island in the southern Caribbean Sea. “Where is Bonaire located?” The answer, of course, is that Bonaire is located in the middle of paradise. But if you want to know more about geography, let’s talk specifics. Bonaire is an island in […]

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Our Bonaire Map Leads You to All the Fun

Discover dushi Bonaire, where paradise waits to be discovered above and below the water. Our quaint island, in the far Southern Caribbean, delivers everything you need for the tropical vacation of your dreams. From white sand beaches and hot pink flamingos to a mountainous national park and pristine underwater world lush with colorful fish and […]

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