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Find the best restaurants on Bonaire

Lovers of good food will instantly feel at home on Bonaire. Reflecting the island’s cultural diversity, culinary specialties from all over the world can be enjoyed in a seemingly endless range of fine restaurants.

From Italian, Japanese and Creole to Mediterranean, Brazilian and Peruvian fare. No matter the cuisine, most restaurant menus in Bonaire feature fresh local seafood and take full advantage of its Caribbean address. Dining in on Bonaire is as much about the atmosphere as it is about the food itself. The main city, Kralendijk, offers several restaurants, where fantastic dishes and striking locations are the order of the day.

Dining Bonaire FYI is an online restaurant guide where you can find all the possible information about dining on Bonaire in general, specific information about restaurants, food trucks, caterers or any other type of venue on the island of Bonaire where you can have breakfast, lunch or dinner.

Don’t worry about dressing up for dinner. Casual attire is welcomed everywhere and credit cards are accepted at most places. During busy seasons and weekends, it is best to make a reservation.