Who is Caribious?

Caribious is what happens when two like-minded guys run into each other at a beach bar and figure out they have a lot in common besides just enjoying a cold one. Like a passion for discovering the best things to do in the Caribbean. You know, those hidden gems you won’t find in mass-produced glossy brochures or on flashy travel websites.

Every Caribious tour and activity is hand-picked after the guys experience it themselves. In fact, there’s absolutely nothing on this website they haven’t done first. (But more than a few that didn’t make the cut.) Get ready to experience the best of the Caribbean through their eyes.

Wondering about the name? “Carib” comes from Caribbean, and “ious” from the words that best describe the company – adventurous and spontaneous. And the colors in the logo? These are the smaller Caribbean islands waiting to be discovered through the fun tours and activities offered here.