3 Must Sees on Bonaire

Bon bini! Bonaire is one of the best-kept secrets in the Caribbean. Discover our small piece of paradise and lose your heart to our beautiful island. Bonaire’s beaches are a real delight for those who like to snorkel, scuba dive or pursue other watersports. Don’t know where to start? Here’s our top 3 must sees on Bonaire!

3. Te Amo

Te Amo is a beautiful, white sandy public beach situated near Bonaire’s airport. Its location provides spectacular sights of arriving airplanes on this otherwise tranquil area. The sandy shoreline makes easy access to the water, which is filled with fish and corals and makes a great snorkeling site. Shade is provided by some of the trees on this piece of paradise, while the often present Kite City food truck takes care of some relaxing background music.

2. Atlantis Beach

Atlantis Beach is home to our friends from Kiteboarding Bonaire and it is a lot of fun to observe the colorful kiters in action. Kiteboarding Bonaire is Bonaire’s first and best kite school and has 14 years of experience teaching in this area. Kiteboarding Bonaire is an IKO kite school, this means that the school and all our instructors have been certified by the IKO (International Kiteboarding Organization). IKO standards are recognized around the world. Take a lesson or go for a long stroll and explore the seashore critters in the tidal pools along the rocky beach.

1. Klein Bonaire

Last, but definitely not least: Spend some time with friends and family exploring the coastline and discovering the world-famous snorkeling of Bonaire. Rent a boat and be the captain of your own private speedboat rental, seize the day! Visit Klein Bonaire and feel the refreshing Caribbean breeze in your hair and warm sunshine on your face. Explore pristine snorkel sites, wakeboard or kneeboard far from the crowds. Or just relax.